"We are all a group of friends and colleagues who want nothing more than to help one another achieve their dreams."

-Towan Isom




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Towan Isom

Towan Isom is a marketing visionary. She has developed numerous marketing and promotion strategies for private companies and non-profit organizations throughout the United States. But not just any promotion, promotions that move consumers to act. Towan has more than nine years of marketing, promotions, and event management experience.

During Towan's career, she has worked with companies such as APICS, AMC, BET, Coors, Exsto, Grand Marnier, Kensington Publishing, Pepsi, SFX Entertainment, Motown, Nike, Tanqueray, Tanqueray AIDS Ride, HIDA, ESI, NIH, and numerous others to help them maintain a successful presence among their audience.

Contact Towan Isom at: isomevents@aol.com

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