Services Include:

* Mentorship
* Group Meetings
* Networking
* Coordination
* Support
* Internships

Resources Include:

* Office Facilities
* Marketing Programs
* Group Purchasing




Who We Are, What W
e Do & Why We Do It

ConsICE was founded in the fall 2001 with the central purpose of establishing a non-profit technology-based incubator as a resource for individual entrepreneurs and businesses of culturally diverse backgrounds to work collaboratively on various projects. The organization is currently comprised of nine charter members that include five high-technology companies in the early stages of growth. The following lists the services and resources provided by ConsICE to its members.


The services provided by ConsICE to its members include:

  • Mentorship to members who are starting or in the early stages of business development.
  • Group meetings for the sharing of innovative ideas and the testing of business strategies.
  • Sharing of expertise and business contacts among members.
  • Coordination of common business activities such as marketing, training, and funding identification (group purchasing).
  • Provision of common services to members in support of their ongoing business activities.
  • Internships for individuals who are considering entrepreneurship or in need.


The resources provided by ConsICE to its members include:

  • Office Facilities: This includes the leasing of office space, the use of various computer and Internet resources and a conference room for member client meetings.
  • Marketing Programs: Consice members collaboratively attend trade shows and develop marketing plans and strategy to bring awareness to all the individual entrepreneurs and businesses involved.
  • Group Purchasing: This involves special purchasing arrangements and access to discounts on various office equipment or other required procurements.

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