Core Disciplines:

* Marketing
* Accounting
* Event Management
* Web Development
* Technology Training
* Acquisition
* Mentoring
* E-Commerce
* System Design
* Custom Applications


* Networking
* Cooperative Training
* Resource Sharing
* Mentorship




Collaboration @ ConsICE


Collaboration at ConsICE, a hallmark element of our organization's vision, means that we work effectively in teaming arrangement to combine our diverse and extensive array of skills to pursue larger business opportunities. These competencies include:

  • Marketing and Market Research
  • Accounting
  • Event Management
  • Web Design and Development
  • Technology Training
  • Hardware and Software Acquisition, Configuration, and Support
  • Coaching and Mentoring on Technology Use
  • Electronic Commerce
  • System Design and Development
  • Software and Custom Application Development


ConsICE provides a truly collaborative environment for its entrepreneurs through the following:

  • Networking between members including sharing of leads, attendance to trade shows and conferences and other business development opportunities.
  • Cooperative training programs to enhance the skills of the group.
  • Sharing of office space, trade show display booths, presentation equipment, and other necessary resources.
  • Mentorship in the pursuit of government contracts and grants from government agencies and non-profit foundations.

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