Sponsorship Program:

* Help Entrepreneurs
* Fuel New Ideas
* Invest in Technology

Membership Program:

* Collaborate on Work
* Network With Peers
* Share Knowledge

Internship Program:

* Gain Experience
* Develop Hard Skills
* Widen Support Base




Partner With
Us Through Sponsorship


To become an official sponsor of ConsICE and thereby invest in a dynamic group of highly talented, motivated and culturally diverse technology professionals, we offer the following sponsorship programs. To tailor your sponsorship for specific goals, please contact our Executive Director. We especially welcome partnerships with educational institutions and government programs. All contributions to Consice are tax-deductible.

  • Gold Sponsorship: $5,000 Annual Contribution.
  • Silver Sponsorship: $2,500 Annual Contribution.
  • General Sponsorship: $1,000 Annual Contribution.


To become an official member of ConsICE either as an individual entrepreneur or business, you must submit a completed application form (available soon online). An internal selection committee will formally consider all candidates and will render particular attention on individual entrepreneurs or businesses that best reflect the mission of Consice. All offical members of Consice are required to pay annual dues of $100 (or $30 quarterly) and participate in monthly strategy meetings.

Membership Factors

  • Early-stage business owners and/or operators.
  • Culturally diverse background.
  • Technology-focused businesses
  • Knowledge workers with business and/or technical skills.

Membership Responsibilities

  • Must sign a non-disclosure agreement.
  • Use group meetings to share ideas, to test out products, and to receive feedback from a group of your peers.
  • Support activities of other members to benefit all businesses.
  • Share business resources.
  • Access group resources to further your business activities.
  • Provide support for organization and other community efforts.


Aspiring entrepreneurs that would like to gain valuable professional experience in the technology industry may apply for internships to work intimately with the current entrepreneurs and businesses in residence. This is an excellent avenue to gain exposure and hands-on experience working in the 'start-up' world.


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