"I thoroughly enjoy exploring new ventures through technology and then collaborating on those ideas with peers to see if they can indeed work."

-Larry Tate




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Larry Tate

Larry Tate has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. He holds a B.S in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School and a Certificate in E-commerce from the University of Virginia. His experience includes retail banking, commercial lending, consumer credit and loan administration. Since 1982, Larry Tate has specialized in mortgage banking pursuing a wide range of interests from residential mortgage lending to developing computer systems and re-engineering mortgage industry business processes.

His work in the industry has ranged from managing a Secondary Marketing department at a commercial bank to being a top producing Loan Officer at several mortgage companies, closing more than a $1 million in loan originations monthly. For five years, he worked as a principal systems analyst at the NCR Corporation helping to develop an integrated loan origination and loan servicing system.

Larry Tate has held a number of high profile management positions including the position of Assistant Vice President of Quality Assurance and Vice President of Mortgage Operations at Riggs National Bank. Under his leadership, Riggs National Bank launched their first automated origination system. For the last seven years, Larry Tate has worked at Freddie Mac on mortgage industry shaping policy initiatives. Most recently, his expertise has been tapped to work on groundbreaking e-commerce/e-business projects that offer the prospect of developing technology which will allow mortgage players and consumers to originate, sign, close and store mortgages electronically.

Contact Larry Tate at: emaillarrytate@aol.com

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