"I find that the networking aspect of ConsICE is the most rewarding and fulfilling for me as a business executive."

-Charles Crawford




Meet the Entrepreneurs in Residence of ConsICE

Charles Crawford

Charles Crawford brings over thirty years of business management, executive and technology experience to ConsICE . Mr. Crawford owns and operates a small Virginia based information technology consulting company called ID Systems, Inc. Mr. Crawford was also a principal at InterAmerican Services, Inc., a consulting and trading company specializing in the sales of Aircraft, spares and components from US and European Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Mr. Crawford also spent twelve years in different marketing and management functions with Avionics Systems Inc. ending his career there as the Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Crawford has extensive knowledge of the Aircraft and Aerospace market, manufacturing capabilities, commercial alliances and the merger and acquisitions arena. He was also a principal at TMP (Technology Management Practice of North America), a for-profit high technology incubator in the Bay Area that provided business advise to technology start-ups. Mr. Crawford holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and a graduate level certificate in E-Commerce from the University of Virginia.

Contact Charles Crawford at: ccrawford@idsystems.org

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